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All over the World

    Without Foto:
  • The History of Canudos
  • Changing planes in Moscow
  • Small calendar story about the date of Russian Christmas

  • Oldtimers in Uruguay
  • Mercedes in Havanna

        Public Transport:
  • The green steam locomotive
  • Cuban camels
  • The Gas Bus
  • Horse taxi in Cuba
  • The Moscow Metro plan as a searching picture

  • Beautiful facades in Macau
  • Catalan facades
  • Ukrainian facades 1
  • Ukrainian facades 2
  • Ukrainian facades 3
  • Half-timbered houses in China
  • Odessa's beautiful Opera House
  • A winterday in Madrid

  • Caipirinha for 1 Dollar
  • Particularly tasty
  • Seafood
  • Bishop in cooking pot

        Monuments and Celebrities:
  • The Big Buddha
  • Richelieu far away from home
  • Picasso 1
  • Picasso 2
  • Famous movie stair
  • Rio's most scenic bridge
  • Däniken's runway of extraterrestrials

  • Snow at aquator
  • China's most scenic river
  • At 4900 m
  • 2500 m  x  16 km gorge
  • Dinosaurs

        In the Street:
  • Living figures
  • Sunday market in Xishuangbanna
  • Tango in the street
  • Looking for fools in Kiev
  • Cyrillic
  • Shirinovski on stage

  • Hello Wanderer,
    Welcome to my Homepage !

    In case we don't know each other, my name is Claus Seyfried. Born and raised up in Mainz, Germany, on the beautiful Rhine river, but now already living at Stuttgart, also Germany, for a long long time (of course Stuttgart is also a beautiful city). If you want to see a foto of my own, scroll down on your own risk. Anybody interested what to see here else ?
    Shilin, the Stone Forest The Jade Dragon Mountain at Lijiang The Karst Hills on the Li River
    Well, mainly Travellogues !

    For instance a large report about China with nearly 300 fotos. Some are really not so bad !
    The Elephant Trunk Park at Guilin The Elephant Trunk Park at Guilin Dafo, the big Buddha of Leshan Tiger Leaping Gorge Tiger Leaping Gorge
    Trekking in Xishuangbanna Minority people in Xishuangbanna Sunday market at Menghun, Yunnan

    View the map

    Or may be you like the report about a plane hopping in South America with more than 200 fotos. Well, the main focus was on my favorite city in the western hemisphere, Rio de Janeiro. Besides I made it to Manaus, Buenos Aires, Colonia in Uruguay, Quito in Ecuador, Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Samaïpata in Bolivia. 
    View the map

    Late evening at Amazonas river, 4 hours from Manaus Late evening at Amazonas river, 4 hours from Manaus View from Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro Samaïpata, Bolivia Vulcan Cotopaxi, Ecuador, at 4800 m Amazonas kid with her pet Old Loc at Santa Cruz, Bolivia The Plaza Mayor in Quito, Ecuador The mystery of Samaïpata, Bolivia

    My favorite city in the eastern hemisphere is Moscow, closely followed by the capital of the Ukraine, Kiev. So soon travellogues about Moscow and Kiev will be added. The fotos are already here !

    Cathedral in the Kremlin Cathedral in the Kremlin The TV Tower Ostankino, 540 m The Red Square: view to the main department store GUM and the Basilius Cathedral The rebuilt Cathedral of Christ the Saviour The Cosmonaut's monument at VDNCh Demonstration at the Manege Square in front of Shukov's Monument

    Under the Moscow tipps you find an interactive plan of the Moscow Metro.

    Kiev has nearly as many beutiful buildings like Moscow. But that city is by far smaller and may explored by walking. Compared to the large and cosmopolitan Moscow the Capital of the Ukraine is pretty familiar. With the Pecherska Lavra she hosts one of the oldest and most important monastirs of east european christíanity.

    Kathedral in the monasterial area of Pecherska Lavra Christmas in the pedestrians's area of Kiev Discothec Al Capone, Kiev The Michaels's Monastire, Kiev The Bessarabian Market, Kiev Sylvester in the Ukraine The Dnjepr river from the park bridge in Kiev

    Already played chess ? Yes, I did so, ... long ago. Because I didn't want to forget all about chess, I put the most important ones of my ancient games to the web server. And I supplied an additional PGN browser which enables to view all the games straight on and backward just like you wish.

    Besides you find a couple of chess links ........ and if I like, you may challenge me online to an internet game ! You find me as csey in the FIDE Game Zone !

    By the way, who was the great chess world champion in the twenties and the great star at the famous Moscow International Tournament in 1925 ?

    Right, José Raúl Capablanca from Cuba. In Havanna, on a sideway of the Rambla (Calle 23) there is a windy stall standing around and serving as a chess club.
    Outside you see a blackboard reminding the famous countryman.

    Unfortenately, I didn't take any foto of that. Instead I took some fine photos of old cuban cars.

    Vehicles in Cuba

    Uruguay If you like old cars, don't miss a look at Uruguay. Here however, the european brands are dominating.

    Ok, that's me !

    CS at Copacabana

    To enlarge the fotos just click on them !

    Rio Amazonas

    Rio Amazonas
    Guilin, China

    Guilin, China
    Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro

    © Claus Seyfried 2001 english visitors   visitors of the english site since 2001/11/01

    Sorry !

    Please excuse my bad english and all the missing translations. As long as the translations of the travellogues are still missing, you could at least enjoy the fotos on the german pages.

    May be you would like to improve the english text or may you could help me with some german-english translations.

    In this case please send me an email: ich@csey.de